A Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Conviction & Escalating Insurance Rates 

Typically, when you receive a speeding ticket or traffic fine, you may automatically pay it without a second thought. However, you may end up paying thousands of extra dollars in raised insurance for several years due to that one ticket. A traffic ticket lawyer may be able to help you avoid conviction or reduce your fines, saving you money in the long run. David Cardon is an experienced attorney who has been helping clients in Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach, VA, fight traffic offenses and increased insurance rates for over 20 years. He can investigate several factors in your case that may help you achieve the best outcome possible. 

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Paying a ticket without fighting it can result in years of increased insurance fees.

Pre-Paying a Traffic Fine

When you pre-pay a traffic fine, the advantage is, you do not have to take time out of your schedule to go to court. Sometimes, court can take the better part of a day. The problem is that when you pre-pay, you have no chance of having the charge reduced or dismissed. 

Opportunities for Reduction or Dismissal 

If you do not go to court, you have no chance of having the charge reduced or dismissed. If you do decide to pre-pay the fine, the court will still make you pay court costs on top of the fine for speeding, even though you do not go to court. Therefore, do not think that by paying the ticket ahead of time, you are saving money by not going to court.

Good Driving Record 

Whenever I represent someone for a speeding charge, I show the judge my client's DMV abstract.  If my client has a good driving record, oftentimes the judge will dismiss or reduce the charge after seeing a long driving history with no convictions.

Defective Speedometer

I might also show the judge a speedometer calibration report showing my client's speedometer was defective. Sometimes, the judge will reduce the speeding ticket for defective equipment when a calibration shows my client's speedometer was off by a significant amount. Defective equipment is not considered a moving violation and carries no negative points with the DMV.

Why Should I Hire a Speeding Ticket Lawyer? 

Most people who get a speeding ticket just pay it rather than spend the money to hire an attorney. But you should remember that once an insurance company finds out about a speeding ticket, your premium could go up significantly. If you are a young, male driver, the company might even double your current rate, or worse, cancel your insurance.

Higher insurance rates usually last three to five years from your last traffic conviction. If you add up three to five years of higher premiums, you could end up paying thousands of dollars. If an attorney costs you $300-$500 and can help you NOT to get that speeding conviction, it may very well be worth the money. The best thing to do is to call your insurance company and find out what will happen to your insurance if you get a speeding conviction.

If your insurance company tells you they will not raise your premiums for one speeding conviction, you might decide to pre-pay the ticket, or handle the case yourself. If, however, your insurance company tells you your rates will rise significantly, going to court with an experienced traffic court attorney might be a worthwhile investment.

David Cardon has dedicated his career to helping his clients fight for their rights at all levels of severity. 

Selecting an Attorney 

When meeting with an attorney, it is helpful to have a few well thought out questions prepared that will help you choose the best lawyer for your situation.  Here a few things to think about:

  • Does the lawyer handle traffic cases on a regular basis in the jurisdiction in which you received a ticket?
  • What kind of experience does the lawyer have in representing people in the type of matter you are facing?
  • What can you expect on the day of trial?
  • What is the predicted best and worst case scenario?
  • What does the attorney charge for representation?
  • Is there a charge for an appeal to the higher court if you are not happy with the result?

If you have time, interview more than one traffic offense attorney and pick the one with whom you feel most comfortable. Find out before you make an appointment to meet with an attorney if the attorney charges a fee for consultations. Most attorneys do not charge a fee to meet with potential clients for traffic matters.

Experience & Dedication 

David Cardon has dedicated his career to helping his clients fight for their rights at all levels of severity. He can provide the best traffic offense legal services available to help you avoid the negative effects that speeding and traffic can have on your driving record and insurance. If you have received a speeding ticket, do not pre-pay, contact us online or by phone at (757) 306-9060 for a free consultation. 

David A. Cardon

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David A. Cardon is an attorney practicing traffic, criminal, and personal injury law for over 20 years. He is a member of:

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Mr. Cardon is regularly featured on the news as a commentator for local cases. To experience The Cardon Difference firsthand, call us at (757) 620-3283 or request your free consultation online.

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