What to Bring When Meeting David Cardon, Personal Injury Attorney

Following a significant personal injury of any kind, the first and most important step is to seek medical attention immediately. The second step is to call attorney David A. Cardon on his cell phone at (757) 620-3283 or on his office phone at (757) 306-9060. He will immediately prepare you with information about moving forward with your case as well as what to bring to your meeting with your personal injury attorney. Mr. Cardon meets with victims of many kinds of personal injuries at his practice in Virginia Beach, VA.

In addition to preparing clients with information about what to bring to the meeting, he has listed a couple of common questions and quick answers here for your convenience.

Will I meet my attorney when I come for a consultation?

When you choose David A. Cardon, you will never need to discuss your case with a paralegal or investigator. Mr. Cardon meets directly with all of his clients in all matters throughout the entirety of their cases.

What does the consultation cost?

Mr. Cardon never charges his clients for a consultation. When meeting with personal injury clients, the goal is to get victims the assistance they need immediately with zero cost barriers. In fact, you will not need to worry about cost for quite some time, as legal fees are exclusively billed as a percentage of your settlement.

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There are a number of items you should bring to your initial consultation that will help David Cardon evaluate your case.

What Should I Bring to the First Meeting?

Police Accident Report and Information Exchange Sheet

If a police officer was called to the scene of the accident, and the damage to the vehicles is estimated to be over $500 or there is a personal injury, the police officer will likely file an accident report. The officer will not give you a copy of the report at the scene, but you should write down the officer's name and precinct number so that Mr. Cardon can request a copy of the accident report later. 

Following a significant injury of any kind, the first and most important step is to seek medical attention immediately. The second step is to call Mr. Cardon.

You will probably receive an accident information sheet with the other driver's name, address, and automobile insurance information. If a police officer is not called to the scene, make sure you have the other driver's:

  • Name and address
  • Social security number
  • Automobile insurance information
  • License plate number

You should make sure to gather this information before you leave the scene. Also, if you were charged with violating a traffic law, be sure to bring a copy of the ticket with you.

Medical and Medication Information

Be sure to retain and ask for as much documentation as possible if you were admitted to the hospital, and ask any additional medical professionals you speak to for detailed information about your condition and your treatment.

You should particularly look for information that helps clarify who treated you, when and where you were treated, and what you were treated for. Copies of medication referrals and receipts are also important to gather.

List of Witnesses

Mr. Cardon knows how difficult, and sometimes impossible, it can be to gather witness information immediately after being injured, but these testimonies can significantly bolster your case. Friends or family that were with you at the time of the injury may be able to provide testimony as well. Be sure to bring a list of names, phone numbers, and addresses for reliable witnesses when you meet with David Cardon.

Written Summary

While the events surrounding your injury are still fresh in your mind, take a moment to write down a full account of what happened. Detail the order of events before, during, and after the injury, and include information about who was with you, the time of day, your environment, what happened to your body at the point of injury, and all that was said before, during, and after the injury by as many relevant parties as you can remember.

Photos and Videos

If you can retain any photos or video evidence of the accident or injury, either by yourself or by those around you, be sure to bring them to the meeting. If you are capable of taking pictures yourself, do your best to document the scene and take pictures of your injuries before and after seeking medical attention.

Health Insurance Policy

There is some basic information on your health insurance policy and health insurance ID card that is useful to have in the first meeting with Mr. Cardon.

Automobile Insurance Policy

Bring a copy of your auto insurance policy, including the declaration page. The declaration page will tell us the type of insurance you have on your vehicle. If you were a passenger, bring the automobile insurance policy for the person who owns the car.

A.A.A. Card

If you are a member of American Automobile Association (A.A.A.), bring your membership card. Depending on your membership, you might be entitled to benefits that can be helpful in your personal injury case.

Schedule Your Meeting With David A. Cardon

Do not hesitate to schedule your consultation with Mr. Cardon following your personal injury. Contact him immediately online, call him on his cell phone at (757) 620-3283, or on his office phone at (757) 306-9060.

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David Cardon recommends all of his clients to download his mobile app, Crash Assist, here for Android and here for Apple. It features detailed information for how to proceed after a crash, including instructions on gathering crucial information from those involved in the accident and those who witnessed it.

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Mr. Cardon is regularly featured on the news as a commentator for local cases. To experience The Cardon Difference firsthand, call us at (757) 620-3283 or request your free consultation online.

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