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David Cardon is a reputable attorney in Virginia Beach, VA, who can help victims and their families hold doctors, medical facilities, and other negligent parties responsible for injuries and hardships resulting from surgical errors. Practicing since 1995, Mr. Cardon works carefully to establish liability in medical malpractice cases in order to demand the full amount of compensation victims are entitled to receive. When you choose to experience The Cardon Difference, rest assured that you will be kept fully informed throughout your recovery. Call (757) 306-9060 or email the firm to schedule a free case evaluation. 

Operating room and surgical team
A surgical error may be attributed to a surgeon, nurse, anesthesiologist, or another type of medical professional.

What Constitutes an "Error"?

Doctors, nurses, and medical facilities are held to a certain standard of care when providing treatment, including surgery. In legal terms, the level of care required is the same care that a careful physician or another medical professional would provide within the community. Simply put, patients are entitled to receive a level of medical care that any other qualified doctor in the geographic and medical practice area would provide. When the provided care does not rise to that level and a patient suffers an injury, the negligent party can be held responsible for payment of damages.

Examples of Surgical Errors

Surgeons typically do not guarantee a certain outcome when a patient prepares to undergo surgery. There is some level of risk inherent in every operation, even a minor one, but patients should expect reasonable outcomes. A reasonable outcome is one that is common for the type of surgery, without unnecessary complications, and that does not force the patient to be faced with undue risk. 

Practicing since 1995, Mr. Cardon works carefully to establish liability and demand the full amount of compensation victims are entitled to receive. 

Making an incorrect incision and failing to administer the anesthesia properly, or in the right dose, are the result of negligent medical practices. Other common surgical errors include:

  • Bowel perforation: When the bowel is perforated and the abdomen is flooded with bacteria, it can cause serious and even fatal complications.
  • Accidental cuts: The muscles, veins, or arteries surrounding the surgical site can be accidentally cut or nicked during a routine surgery, leading to devastating injuries.
  • Incorrect location: An example of this error would be operating on the right knee instead of the left, which requires repair. In others, a doctor may remove a healthy kidney instead of surgically removing a damaged and diseased kidney.
  • Leaving surgical instruments behind: Sponges and other instruments are too frequently left inside a body cavity after surgery, giving rise to post-operative pain and injury.

Negligence can be the result of any of the medical staff involved, from the doctor to the nurse, to the anesthesiologist. 

The Attorney's Role

If you or a family member have experienced a surgical error or similar type of medical malpractice, such as misdiagnosis or a medication error, you have rights. A qualified lawyer will investigate the facts and pinpoint the information needed to prove your case. Many surgical errors are avoidable, and establishing this fact along with demonstrating how you have been injured requires the skill of a trained legal professional.

Focus on Your Recovery

Holding the medical profession responsible for doing more harm than good is a challenging job. Mr. Cardon has the compassion and knowledge needed to take this burden on for you, and we engage in the aggressive pursuit of maximum compensation. Call us at (757) 306-9060 for more information, or contact the firm office online.

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David A. Cardon is an attorney practicing traffic, criminal, and personal injury law for over 20 years. He is a member of:

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Mr. Cardon is regularly featured on the news as a commentator for local cases. To experience The Cardon Difference firsthand, call us at (757) 620-3283 or request your free consultation online.

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