Crushed front of a car

After a Car Accident

An accident on the road can leave you shaken and unsure of what to do next, but the immediate steps you take are critical.

A car accident consultation with attorney David A. Cardon can help you deal with the aftermath of the incident and work towards a solution.

We have an easy way for you to remember what to do after a car accident...

Crushed front of a car

Remember: CRASH As seen on WTKR channel 3 Coast Live


Call the police no matter how small the accident is. Shock and adrenaline can prevent you from feeling pain immediately after the incident. The police can establish liability, damage, and create a record. They will also handle the exchange of insurance information and write traffic violations. 


Use the camera on your phone to record everything. Take videos of the accident scene, the other drivers, and any damage to the vehicles. If there are witnesses, you should record them giving their contact information and speaking about what they saw. You can also keep a diary of how the accident affects you in the following days.


Call your insurance company and alert them to the fact that you were in an accident. You should also call the insurance company of the at-fault driver.

Stay Put

Do not move the cars involved in the accident unless it is unsafe to leave them where they are or you are directed to move by first responders. Maintaining the accident scene can help the police investigate exactly what happened.


If you are hurt, get medical attention immediately. Go to the hospital, urgent care, or your primary doctor. If you wait, the insurance company may argue that you were not hurt in the accident.

Preparing for Your Initial Car Accident Consultation 

After your car accident, you may need to prove liability to ensure that the correct party is held responsible. As a seasoned car accident lawyer in Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach, VADavid Cardon has helped many clients navigate this complex process by investigating the different aspects of their accident and using this information to build a strong case. He can also help you receive any compensation that you may be entitled to for injuries or other expenses. To begin this process, he will need you to provide him with any documentation possible including a list of witnesses, the accident report, insurance information, and more. During your initial car accident consultation, he can review this information and provide guidance based on the facts. 

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Bringing the right information to your consultation can help our team begin building your case and seeking deserved compensation as soon as possible.

Questions to Ask Prior to Meeting with an Attorney

Every law firm is different and depending on where you go, you can expect different things from your initial attorney meeting. Before you schedule a meeting with an attorney, you may want to ask the attorney the following questions:

Who Will I Meet with for My Initial Car Accident Consultation?

Some attorneys do not meet with you until after a paralegal has first met you and evaluated your case. If you do not want to meet with someone other than the attorney, make sure you ask about the procedure for that particular firm before you schedule a meeting.

Is There a Fee for the Meeting?

Most attorneys do not charge a fee for an initial client meeting when the case involves a personal injury claim. However, to be sure, you should ask if the firm charges a fee before scheduling a meeting.

Documentation You Will Need to Provide 

The attorney you will be meeting with should be able to tell you what he or she would like for you to bring to the initial meeting. If you are unable to talk to the attorney before the initial meeting, as a general rule, an attorney will need the several items to evaluate your case at your initial meeting.

Police Accident Report or Information Exchange Sheet

If a police officer was called to the scene of the accident, and the damage to the vehicles is estimated to be over $500 or there is a personal injury, the police officer will most likely file an accident report. The police officer will not give you a copy of the report at the scene, but you should write down the officer's name and precinct number so that your attorney can request a copy of the accident report later.

You will probably receive an accident information sheet that tells you the other driver's name, address, and automobile insurance information. If a police officer is not called to the scene, make sure you have the other driver's name, address, social security number, automobile insurance information, and license plate number before you leave the scene of the accident. Also, if you were charged with violating a traffic law, be sure to bring a copy of the ticket with you and show the attorney.

List of Witnesses

Bring a list of any witnesses to the accident with their phone numbers and addresses. This includes anyone who may have been a passenger in any of the cars involved in the collision.

Written Summary of What Happened

Before you visit with an attorney, write down details of the events that occurred before, during, and after the motor vehicle accident. Be sure to include information about where you were going, who you were with, the time of day, whether or not you had your headlights turned on, the road and weather conditions, what happened to your body during impact, and anything anyone said before, during, or after the accident.


Bring any photographs you have showing any damage to any vehicles involved in the accident. If you have the time, take pictures of the accident scene. This is especially helpful if there is visible damage to the road (i.e. skid marks, damage to trees, signs or poles next to the road.) Also, be sure to take photographs of any physical injuries you sustained as a result of the accident.

David Cardon has helped many clients evaluate the different factors of their car accident, prove liability, and seek the compensation they deserve. 

Health Insurance Policy

Bring a copy of your health insurance policy or health insurance ID card.

Your Automobile Insurance Policy

Bring a copy of your automobile insurance policy, including the declaration page. The declaration page will tell the attorney the type of insurance you have on your vehicle. If you were a passenger, bring in the automobile insurance policy for the person who owns the car.

A.A.A. Card

If you are a member of American Automobile Association (AAA), bring your membership card. Depending on your membership, you might be entitled to benefits that can be helpful in your personal injury case.

Medical & Medication Information

If you went to the hospital or to a doctor or any other health care professional, bring in copies of receipts and information concerning who treated you, and when and where they treated you. If a doctor prescribed medication, bring copies of the receipts for the medication.

Compassionate Legal Counsel

David Cardon has helped many clients evaluate the different factors of their car accident, prove liability, and seek the compensation they deserve. He understands the traumatic effects an automobile accident can have on your life and will always provide compassionate services that are in your best interest. Providing him with photographs, witnesses, and other crucial information will help him build a strong case. With these cases, times is of the essence, contact us online or by phone at (757) 306-9060 today. 

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